Infrared Sauna

Let’s look at the benefits of infrared saunas.


Weight Loss

Along with the water weight sweated out during a sauna session, an in depth study was done to calculate the caloric expenditure during a 30 minute sauna session. The result was that on average a person can burn 600 calories in 1 30 minute session[1].


A 30 minute sauna session improved the recovery for health male subjects after an endurance workout[2].



A study was done in which police officers who had been exposed to methanphetamines and were experiencing illness because of the exposure were sent to sauna’s to detox. After the sauna protocol, neurotoxicity levels went down and their general health score went up[3].


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A study was done with 2 patients who had chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). They underwent 35 far infrared sauna sessions and experienced improvement in almost all symptoms being measured. A follow up was done for one year after the protocol and no relapse of symptoms was seen[4].


Strengthens Cardiovascular System

An improvement in the expression of endothelial nitric oxide synthase and production of nitric oxide was seen in a study down with far infrared light[5]. Nitric oxide is an important component in exercise (achieving the pump), blood control in general and for men, achieving erections.


Nerve Repair (in rats)

Far infrared light therapy was shown to regeneration of tissue over a larger area than the control group in a study done with rats who had sciatic nerve damage.[6]